Book Review:Letters to a Young Writer: by Colum McCann

Letters to A Young WriterDisclaimer: I was given an advanced copy of this book from Net Gallery in exchange for an honest review

In my opinion the two best books for writers are Strunk’s “The Elements of Style” and Stephen King’s “On Writing”. Now there is a third that should be on every writers shelf (even if you are not writing the great American novel) Colum McCann’s “Letters to a Young Writer” is that book. Each chapter is starts with a quote from an author and then McCann puts to paper his thoughts for young writers (or maybe even old writers) The chapters are short and can be read over and over in case you miss something with the first read. His sentences are crisp but pack a  punch. This book is a must have for anyone who writes and even those that may not write but love to read,
I have read two of Mr McCann’s books and have not been disappointed.. I love his writing style.  You get lost in his stories.He has poured his  heart  and soul into his books. “Letters to a Young Writer” is no exception.

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