The Book of Speculation by Erica Swyler:Book Review

the book of speculationI really wanted to like this book as I had read that it was comparable to The Night Circus. While both the plot and writing were good it was not The Night Circus which was a magical book. The Book of Speculation is a darker book.Simon is an ex librarian having recently lost his job and has been sent a book out of the blue from an antiques bookseller. The book he is sent is a record of a traveling circus from the 1700’s.In this book is his grandmother’s name.All of the women in Simon’s family have drowned including his mother and all on the same date,despite the fact that they were like mermaids and could hold their breath underwater for long periods of time.Now the date is fast approaching and Simon’s sister has come to visit.His concern is that his sister Enola, who also travels with a circus reading Tarot cards, will suffer the same fate.Simon becomes convinced that the answers to the family secrets including his mothers death lies in this book. Meanwhile his life and house are slowly falling apart. The book’s chapters alternate between the 1700’s traveling circus life and the modern day life of Simon and Enola.
The book just did not have the magic of The Night Circus or the interesting characters.Although it held my interest,there were times the pace was slow.Debated between 2 and 3 stars but gave it a 3 star as the writing was good. This was a debut novel. I feel like I would definitely read the author’s next book because her writing in The Book of Speculation is very good.
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