River Road by Carol Goodman:Book Review


river roadDisclaimer: I received this Kindle book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

I had never read of this authors other works but this book’s plot sounded interesting. The plot was interesting and that is about it. I know the author teaches creative writing classes and that is well established in her book as the main character Nan Lewis has the same profession. Nan is a college professor who suffered the tragic loss of her daughter by a drunken driver on River Road After attending a Christmas faculty party with lots of drinking and a discovery that she is not getting tenure Nan heads home by way of River Road. She thinks she hits a deer. She however cannot find any traces of a deer. However the next morning police visit her to inform her that one of her students, Leia, ( a student with a promising writing career) has been killed in a hit and run on River Road.The mystery takes off from there. A mystery that had so much promise but failed to deliver in my opinion. First of all the characters were not very well developed and it was hard to like them. The book began to ramble. I felt like it needed a lot of editing. For example we get a glimpse of her ex husband at the beginning of the book but his character is never developed and than all of a sudden he appears at the end. Am not really sure how much mystery there was to this book. I had my suspicions long before it ended. While the plot had such potential all in all I have to say that this was a disappointing read.

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