Writing 101:Assignment Four

train station He snapped the picture from the second floor balcony. He had a strange looking smile on his face. He was not happy with the blurred picture but he knew he had to exit the station.

The train patrons were not happy.There was the constant checking and rechecking of cell phones. As if that was going to change the situation. Some were running to see if   their train was on the track. It didn’t matter but the running helped them stay warm. The stations was frigid as if someone deliberately cut the heat.

The rumors were flying. Something on the track. But if that was true,why weren’t the other trains running? Was it a union strike? They were always threatening to strike.Someone said it was a baby carriage on the track. Another was positive there was an adult body on the track.

And he was outside delightfully imagining  the frustration they were feeling. He knew what was going to happen and he was patiently waiting for the big moment..the moment when their lives would change forever….

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