Book Review: Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour Book Store

Mr Penumbra Cover

My book club selected this book. Since it had been on my TBR shelf I was anxious to read this one Loved the title alone and the storyline seemed irresistible. An out of work California web designer(Clay) lands a job at a 24 hour independent book store. He agrees to work the over night shift but must record in exact detail everything the customer purchases and even what the customer is wearing. Tracking…sounds like what the internet does today.
But there are not many customers and the ones that come are special and strange. There is a waybacklist room and Mr Penumbra explains that Clay and friends can read these books as long as he signs a contract promising to read deeply.Clay has plenty of time at night to think and play on his computer.
Enter the love interest Kat. She is a Google employee. This is where I believe the plot went wrong. We have to read a lot of jargon and techy stuff. The plot leaves California and heads to New York where we meet a secret society including clocked hooded men(shades of Dan Brown and The DaVinci Code) The society is looking for the key to immortality. Then there is a whole issue of the make believe font called Gerritszoon. It was all too much.
I think Mr Sloan would have served us better if he had developed his characters especially Kat rather then explaining about the bells and whistles at Google.
All is wrapped up very quickly at the end of the story..perhaps too quickly like the author just wanted to be finished with this book.We did have a lively discussion at our book club and there were those that loved the book. I am told the paper back book glows in the dark but since I had the Kindle edition I of course was not privy to this. Maybe the techies can find a way so that the eBook readers can experience this. LOL

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