The Girl With No Past :Book Review

the girl with no pastDisclaimer: I was sent this ARC from the publisher through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
This read did not feel like a psychological thriller but rather like a mystery in which the reader is given many twists. Perhaps I feel this way since my last read we a real psychological thriller(The Winter Girl)
The story centers on Leah who lives in a time warp due to two tragic incidents that happened when she was a teenager. She likes routine. She has her job,her books,her apartment and no friends. But her character changes rapidly and that is where I see the flaw in this book. She goes from almost a recluse who doesn’t trust, to someone who trusts new acquaintances including an online person. Her change is brought about because of some anonymous emails that reveal someone knows her secret past. Rather then going to police(as most would do) she decides to handle things on her own.That choice brings her into dangerous territory. I just felt the character change bordered on unbelievable.
This is a fast read and on the plus side you do want to find out Leah’s secrets which are revealed towards the end. Some of those secrets can be figured out before the end of the book
The writing was not good and I couldn’t help but think that perhaps this was written for young adults.
In the end we are still left wondering if Leah will follow a real friend’s advice about not wasting the life you were given.
All in all the plot was good but the characters and writing certainly needed tweaking. I give the book 2 stars meaning it was OK

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2 Responses to The Girl With No Past :Book Review

  1. That’s such a shame. I definitely wouldn’t think aiming a book at young adults is an excuse for bad writing!


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