Our House: Daily Post Writing Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Our House.”


90 Arlington Road.

The address  sounds like a book title. This was the house I lived in until the 6th grade. It was a duplex. We rented. I spent many a warm summer night sitting on those front steps listening to  the adult voices discussing  the news of the day.Seven of us lived in half a house including my grandfather. He slept on a day bed in the dining room. It was a house with wasted space.It had a long corridor leading to one bathroom.  My mother  used the wasted space corridor by placing placing wardrobes along the wall.  There was little closet space in the house.  My twin brother and I got locked in one of the wardrobes. Needless to say we were hollering.To the right of the house was a small workshop that belonged to the owner. He was a radio/TV repairman long before TV’s were in every home. His name was Stewie(like the character on Family Guy) His wife’s name was Rose and their daughter, Mary was my friend. We watched Howdy Doody on their 7 inch TV screen and loved it. But I digress.. the house did have  a view.


Guess that is called “Location Location” in real estate.

As a child I didn’t think too much about the view.  The pond was always there. It was where I learned to ice skate, a sport I loved. I took swimming lessons at that pond(not really sure I passed the minnow stage though!) We may have had a postage stamp size yard but it did not matter as we had an enormous playground  (sledding hill included) right beside the house. Every summer the playground was filled with kids enjoying those lazy days. Playground instructors were included. How could life get any better? Every year we were bused into Boston for a Red Sox game.Hot dogs and popcorn were included. They wanted to make sure we would always remain life long BoSox fans. It worked! We always arrived home tired and happy even if the Sox lost.

One day we were asked to leave that house as relatives of the owners  were going to move in.There was sadness and perhaps some anger. But worry was the emotion of the day. How would we find a place to live when money was tight? We did find a house but then prayers had to be said that the owner would come down in price.She did. Today my sister lives in that house.  That second  house served us all  quite well. However 90 Arlington Road will always be special.It holds a lot of memories. .It was a time when life was simple and uncomplicated and love abounded.

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4 Responses to Our House: Daily Post Writing Prompt

  1. donart says:

    Twin – I thought we were just hiding from Grampy in that wardrobe! Didn’t remember that we were locked in! Where did you find that picture? Great memories!


  2. jazzyjenness says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, and I love your picture at the top of the page with the leaves and open book.


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