Passage Reflections # 1

“Hey Boo”( Scout)

“Jean Louise This is Mr Arthur Radley. I believe he already knows you”(Atticus Finch)

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Simple words. But Boo Radley is the perfect example of the disenfranchised,the marginalized. He is different. In today’s society we see these people everywhere. Our eyes turn away from them as if they do not exist. In big cities they line the street corners  and people complain. In small cities we pretend they are not there but not seeing doesn’t make it so.

Boo Radley knew he was different. He stayed hidden so he wouldn’t be seen.Scout and Jem thought he was evil.But evil takes many forms.  Sometimes it is the not so different that spread evil.

Boo Radley gave simple treasures with all his heart to the Finch children. Scout and Jem gave nothing in return but got their lives back because of Boo.

Someday a Boo Radley may  save you. One just  never knows.

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