The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian:Book review

the guest room

Disclaimer: I was sent this Kindle book from the publisher in exchange for a review.

What begins out as a bachelor party which is held at the expensive home of Richard Chapman,brother of the groom, turns into a nightmare. The party is to include two strippers and lots of alcohol.It is a disastrous combination. Richard’s wife is aware of the party and the strippers and while not pleased, she agrees to it. She and Richard’s nine year old daughter are spending the week-end at grandma’s house.

There is murder,sex slavery,  debauchery, and a marriage turned upside down. And it all goes downhill from there.

Chris Bohjalian is a masterful storyteller and while a lot of his books are historical fiction(my favorite genre) this one seems a bit different. We learn some history regarding the sad sex trading of young girls near the end of the book.
The language is tight and crude at times. What Bohjalian is most masterful at is the voice of the young Russian sex slave.How does he do that? You can hear her accent and you witness her inner thoughts in his language and dialogue. You cannot help but feel empathy for this life that has gone so wrong through no fault of her own. This is a page turner. But  it should come with a warning of crude language and some gruesome scenes.
We watch a successful investment manager’s life fall apart. We see how he handles the darkest time of his life. The ending blew me away.
I am a big fan of this author and have read most of his books. This one, while different, is a really good read that you won’t be able to set aside.

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