The Murderer’s Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman: Book Review

Full Disclosure: I received this kindle book from Net Galley in exchange for a review.
Review: The protaganist Grace Blades has had a terrible childhood including witnessing her miserable parents murder-suicide. She is a child that is brilliant bordering on genius and through some good caring people she eventually becomes a brilliant psychologist who seems to really understand people’s pain. But she harbors some very dark issues of her own. And that is where the trouble begins.
I have not read Kellerman book prior to this one but he is a popular author.(as a library volunteer I shelve a lot of his books) This book was not one of his series books but a stand alone
The first chapter grabs you right away and you feel that this is going to be a good read. By the middle of the book things have slowed down and then by the end you race to finish it.The ending is very abrupt.
Despite Grace’s early circumstances it was hard to have empathy for her. In fact I really did not like her.As a psychologist she would have had to do a lot of self analysis prior to obtaining her degrees. It seemed as if she could have used a therapist herself as her choices were not even making sense.
One character I did like was Wayne Knutsen..her social worker. He recognized something special about Grace, and got her into a decent home.
I felt this book needed to be shorter with a more believable plot. One thing that irritated me was the way Kellerman kept mentioning different streets off Pacific Coast Highway as Grace was zooming around in her Aston. While those of us not from Ca know the about PCH we do not know about the side roads that seemed to be named in entire chapter. Grace Blades borders on the Jack Reacher character in Lee Child’s books.
All in all I was disappointed.I gave it 2 stars as there were parts that were good. But it could have been a better story with a tighter plot,less verbiage and more suspense.
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